Hoder according to his readers

Obs! As we had expected, Hoder removed Site meter from his website. Site meter measured how many daily hits his website recieved. He was claiming he has more than 9,000 daily readers (besides 11,000 email subscribers), while site meter was showing he got only around 3,000 hits a day. Smart move! more »»

Fact sheet

A few untrue and unproven facts are now circulated in western media regarding Hoder, the phenomenon of Iranian weblog community. Here is some corrections for only a few of those misunderstood or deliberately mentioned facts.

1: He has never ever created a system or script for making weblogs. What he has done,was writing an instruction on how to create persian weblogs in blogger.

2: He was not forced to leave Iran and live in exile. He immigrated to Canada simply because his second wife was an Iranian-Canadian citizen. He divorced her as soon as he got his canadian citizenship.

3: He is not a student in University of Toronto. In fact he was once and left his studies unfinished in 2004.

4: He has never ever had 20,000 daily readers. At his best flourishing blogging days and before his weblog was filtered and before asking people to subscribe to his weblog by emails, he had only 6,000 daily hits(not unique readers)(more).

5: He is the only source of information about being interrogated in Iran. No other source has confirmed this news. Hoder mentions a few persons , like Mr. Abtahi, as the people who knew the story. Again Hoder himself is the only person who gave the information to those people.

More facts comming soon