Hoder according to his readers

Obs! As we had expected, Hoder removed Site meter from his website. Site meter measured how many daily hits his website recieved. He was claiming he has more than 9,000 daily readers (besides 11,000 email subscribers), while site meter was showing he got only around 3,000 hits a day. Smart move! more »»

Tips & Services

We, as Hoder's faithful readers, are fully aware what a vital and decisive roll we play for his reputation and successes. That is why he manipulates how many we actually are. We are really flattered to see how he claim we are 20,000 while the actual number is dramatically is less than this number.
Knowing how much Hoder likes us and considering that he offers himself as a representative of " intellectual, educated, talented and active" Iranians, we decided to give you some tips and services:


1-Most of us,Iranian, regardless of being open -or simple minded, educated or uneducated, blogging or not, would try to afford our personal expenses such as food, accommodation and transportation. If we have no money, we don't ask anybody shamelessly to pay for us, we simply get a job.
If you feel you have been misused by Hoder to cover his personal expenses:
a) If you were misused between 2001 and 2005,you may contact his ex-wife, who was the sole financial Spenser of the family during this period.
b) If it happened after 2005, then we will be really happy to compensate you. Based on our budget we will pay your expenses back. If not, then you will get a membranes only to remind you Iranians really care when it comes to be friendly and polite. The chance you meet an Iranian who shamelessly asks you to pay for him, is really low. Don't forget: Hoder is a phenomenon.

Persian books

2- We Iranians, try our best not to offend people. That is why teaching Persian swear words is the last think we may think of , especially when we've met those people just for a few days and not least if we have traveled in the name of dialogue between civilizations.
In case, or any given reason, we feel it will be fun to do so, then we never ever make video film of it. And if we are sick enough to do so, then our common sense does not allows us to publish it online. Just a phenomena like Hoder can do all those things by excusing himself that :" you all have done something like this".
If you are exposed to such a shameful situation, we do apologize for it.
Hoderpad can send Persian books if anybody is interested to learn the language. Simply because nobody likes more videos like this

supplementary material

3- If you have arranged a meeting in your local community or university for Hoder as a speaker, telling everyone he is a different phenomenon which will give you a new refreshing prospective on Iranian culture, politics and blog movement, we can send supplementary books on Iranian people and culture as well as politics so that you can talk a little bit on these topics when Hoder is finished. As usual he has talked only about his personal stories with a brilliant mix of lies and untrue facts.