Hoder according to his readers

Obs! As we had expected, Hoder removed Site meter from his website. Site meter measured how many daily hits his website recieved. He was claiming he has more than 9,000 daily readers (besides 11,000 email subscribers), while site meter was showing he got only around 3,000 hits a day. Smart move! more »»

Unpublished comments

Durig a next days I'll add a few comments hich never ever got the change to be published on Hoder's weblogs.

1.(Original post)
Comment:First of all thanks a lot you try to correct those misunderstanding.But when it comes to your claim about being interrogated by Information Ministry in Iran, as you mentioned in a response to one of your critics,that his claims were based on unprovable rumors and hearings. If I understand you well, then your claims are provable. In fact in your response you mentioned that Mr. Abtahi and a high-ranking diplomat in Canadian embassy knew all about interrogation. Wasn't it YOU who was the only source of this event to Mr. Abtahi or the diplomat in the embassy? I hope your informative response will help us to find out what exactly happened.